Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week #19 - True Christians Cannot Live by Breadfruit Alone

Hey Fam!

This week was a little different than usual.

On Tuesday, I tried fried breadfruit for the first time. It tasted just like French fries. Super good!  I've also been making peanut butter and guava jam sandwiches which are delicious.

Wednesday was rough. These guys came and tore out our broken countertops. Two of us had to be home all day which wasn't cool. They came back Saturday and still didn't finish. Hopefully they finish tomorrow.

We went to Spanish Town for zone conference on Thursday. It was cool to see a lot of missionaries that I knew there. I'm starting to actually meet a ton of other missionaries so I don't have to be the outcast from Yallahs anymore.

Elder Stewart was sick all weekend so I went proselyting a little bit on Saturday with Elder Kuehn so he could get out of the house. As we were walking, we talked a lot about finding people. Finding has been one of my biggest challenges as a missionary so far. However, as we continued, I looked over to see some people struggling to start their car. My mind wasn't really thinking about finding a person to teach, but without thinking, I asked them if they needed some help. They were super appreciative of our help and even told us they wanted to visit our church because we resemble "true Christianity." It was a huge morale booster as the majority of the week prior to that was pretty slow. I was flattered to hear from someone that we as missionaries resemble true Christians. That experience let me know that we are doing our job!

Mom note:  A couple weeks ago I received this picture from Elder Fowkes’ mom – naturally Cody was asked to elaborate:  I was going uphill really slow and tried to hop off too quick and the bike tipped over, so I either had to hold on to the handle bars and tumble onto the bike, or let go and be tripped by my front tire and land gracefully on the ground instead. I chose option two in that crisis situation haha. Then I was tired and embarrassed, so when Fowkes got his camera out I was like "No wait wait wai.... ugh fine..." So yep…

Happy late Father's Day Dad! I know I'm a day late, but I got to speak in Sacrament Meeting yesterday and bigged you up big time haha now the whole Yallahs Branch knows that Elder Graham's dad is Superman!!

We sometimes hear songs on the radio of buses and taxis that play old songs like "Letters From Home" and "I've Been Watching You" and "Something to Be Proud Of" and stuff like that. It's cool to listen to those songs at this point in my life and think about them from a missionary perspective. Sometimes it makes me a little homesick, but that is always drowned out by the work that I'm doing right now. I definitely know for sure that it really is a marvelous work and a wonder!

That's about all the crazy stuff for this week. I'm excited for my birthday coming up next week!  Note:  Cody's 19th birthday is June 30 - send him a happy birthday email if you get a chance!  We mailed his package on June 2... it will be interesting to see when he actually receives it!

Miss you guys!


Elder Graham

Another good shot of the beach
The usual Jamaican diet:  Rice and peas with chicken

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