Monday, July 25, 2016

Week #76 - Junction Represent

Hey Family!

Some of the usual branch meetings fell through this week so we had time to be full time missionaries all week and that was absolutely awesome. 

We met some cool new guys this week. One dude owns a little fruit stand on the side of the main road. We were just walking past him one day and I went over and bought a pineapple from him. When he was handing it to me, I made him hold my Book of Mormon because "my hands were full" (muahaha) and so yeah, then we just asked him if he had ever seen that book before and that was it. We have pretty much met with him every day this past week. We have been trying to get more creative with our street contacting so yeah, haha there it was.

Sunday after church there was a district seminary graduation in Mandeville, and it didn't occur to me until the day of, that we are supposed to go to that haha so we went and the Junction branch REPRESENTED with three Collins kids getting certificates and then two institute certificates were given to me because the people couldn't make it. Go Junction.

We are having a good ole time here. Keep praying for us, there are a few people that are in the process of learning to trust in God's promises and once they do they will hop right in the water so I'm stoked for the next couple weeks!


Elder Graham

Swiped from the Jamaica Moms FB page
The sisters in their district and Elders Graham and Trinnaman
Welcome to P-Day in Junction!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week #75 - Ladies Underwear

Hey Family!

We were just riding and came to a sweet ocean view.
 I never realized how close we were to the ocean!
This week was sweet!!

We got Elder Simpson on Tuesday, so there are now three of us in Junction. He is great - I lived in Sav with him for a little while so we know each other already.

We were just doing our missionary thing this week. Teaching, street contacting, the works. There was a lot of funny things that happened this week too:

So yesterday I was helping a member order garments online and we were there and she was looking at pics of the different material choices, and then she turned around to me and was like "ELDER GRAHAM WHAT ARE YOU DOING LOOKING AT LADIES UNDERWEAR??" and then she just busted out laughing haha it was pretty funny but cool.

Also last night, Elder Trinnaman was getting his hair cut by Elder Simpson and asked me to just kind of take numbers from the sisters for him (he is the district leader so that is a little taste of what district leaders do) so I called them and tried my best Elder Trinnaman impersonation AND I TOTALLY HAD THEM for like five minutes. I finally just couldn't contain laughter so yeah, then they found out and we all started laughing and Elder Trinnaman and Simpson were laughing too and it was just great. Good times.

The remainder of the BTS cake for the birthday.
Accidentally started eating it before the sisters were like,
"Aren't you going to take a picture of that?"
So yeah, thank them for this.
The BTS worked out great.  This is Cody’s favorite “BTS” cake, or as my sister would say, “Better Than Anything You Had on Your Mission Cake.”  We sent him all the ingredients to make his own birthday cake except whipped cream (eww that would be gross), lovingly called it “Better Than Studying” cake to explain the less than pure “BTS” acronym, and were so glad to see the successful finished product!  There was nowhere to get whipped cream soooo I kinda just left it out and it was still SUPER good. I shared with the district too and everyone liked it a lot so that's a plus!

Anywho, the week was great. I'm excited for this upcoming transfer. We have a bit of an edge with three missionaries because we can easily go on splits with just one extra person so we're hoping to be as productive as possible! 

Well, until next week!


Elder Graham

When rain comes to Junction...

Just more of the view that I get every day


1 Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix
1 Jar Caramel Topping
1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 8 oz Tub Whipped Cream
2 Skor or Heath Bars

Make the chocolate cake according to directions.  
When you remove it from the oven, take the end 
of a wooden spoon and poke holes all over the cake, 
then let it cool.  Pour the can of sweetened 
condensed milk and the jar of caramel topping 
over the top of the cake, letting it fill the holes.  
Top with whipped cream and crushed Heath Bars, 
then refrigerate.  Even better the next day!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week #74 - Sometimes You Gotta Drop the Mic and Walk


This week was great.

We had a zone 4th of July party in Hopeton on Monday. It was awesome!! We cooked burgers and had melon and potato salad and all sorts of good stuff. It felt like we were in America. Right before everyone went home, someone decided that we should sing the Star Spangled Banner, which was a little awkward considering the fact that we were a group mixed of American, Jamaican, Canadian, Samoan and Welsh missionaries haha but I guess that's how the cookie crumbles. America. 

After that, we went to Santa Cruz for a trade off with the zone leaders, Santa Cruz is HOT. Almost as hot as Spanish Town. I went with Elder Stevens and we had a blast. 

Wednesday evening we had two appointments scheduled for the same time in opposite sides of the area. Lucky for us, seminary had just ended, so Elder Trinnaman took a kid from seminary and went to one appointment, and I took Omar (the seminary teacher) and headed to the other. Thank goodness for them. This lady down by the person we were going to see just ripped into us about how fake and political Christianity has become and all this jazz, and Omar and I let her do her thing for a while and then bore testimony that the truth has been restored, dropped our mics and then headed to the guy. No big deal. 

Grandpa's tie and Nike golf pants... life is good!
Saturday was fun - we went to Mandeville for a district auxiliary training meeting. When we got back, one of the senior missionaries came to Junction and took us around to some far reaching areas to see some people. He also brought that heavenly birthday package. Thank you soooooo much!! (Prayers were answered that Customs let the package through – it was full of requested American candy, “Smarty sweeties” and “Peanut Buttah Em un Ems”, new shoes, the makings for his favorite birthday cake and good stuff from our awesome Nike connection.  We also sent one of Cody’s grandpa’s ties from the old days – Grandpa is still with him in spirit doing what he loved most, sharing his testimony of Jesus Christ.)

Transfer calls came this week. The only thing happening here in Junction is Elder Trinnaman and I are receiving Elder Simpson from Sav, so now there are three of us. It's gonna be wild haha, they almost brought enough to split the areas again, but we are gonna have a great time.

Hope your week was awesome!


Elder Graham

Monday, July 4, 2016

Week #73 - The Cherry on Top

So happy for Collin (L) baptized by President Collins (R)
Alright, enough with the pleasantries, I'll get right to the point in saying COLLIN GOT BAPTIZED!!! It went great, and then he was confirmed on Sunday so that was the cherry on top to the birthday this week. By the way, thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes. They came true and I am so grateful for all your prayers. 

We got to have an official "meet President and Sister Pearson" devotional on Saturday in Mandeville which was great. They are super awesome so I'm excited for them. 

To be short in writing, this week was absolutely amazing. 


Elder Graham

Happy birthday to me - we found a burger place in town and got a burger and strawberry shake!