Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week #20 - Happy Birthday to Me... My First Transfer!

What Up Fam!

Our explorer in the Blue Mountains above Yallahs
Sorry I am getting to you now, crazy fun day yesterday but long story short, Elder Stewart and I got lost in the Blue Mountains and didn't get back in time to email haha. I basically celebrated my birthday yesterday.

So just like we thought, I’m being transferred tomorrow!  Headed to Spanish Town.  My companion will be Elder Jackson, never met him, not sure what he looks like, I'm just told he is a goofball so I'm stoked!  After some shameless internet stalking, I found that Elder Jackson is from Pocatello, Idaho!!  Can’t wait for them to compare notes…  Anyway I'm kinda excited to be back in a ward (Spain 2nd Ward) that actually functions by itself haha. Although, Yallahs taught me a TON about accountability and being reliable and stuff.

Here’s the skinny on Spanish Town:  Referred to as Spain by the locals, it is the third largest city of Jamaica, with a population of over 160,000.  I was thrilled to see that it comes in as #7 on the “15 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in the World” list, but Cody’s response was, “Don't worry, I'm not in the ghetto part, I'm in the richer classier part of Spain town.”  Hmmmm…
The journey from Yallahs to Spanish Town

I got a package from Oberg (Cody’s scoutmaster and former YM President – you da best, Obergs!) a week ago and it was great! Starbursts, a Mountain Dew Kick Start, some socks and an awesome purple tie! Haven’t gotten your package yet but I’ll probs get it tomorrow. WHAT??? You mean that package I sent 28 days ago???  Gotta love the mail system in Jamaica!!  Also thanks for telling everyone and their dog to email me happy bday. I had 57 emails today...but it was great so thank you!!

Love and miss you guys as always!

Elder Graham

Jordan, me, Alwayne and Daquan (all the future missionaries)
Last day with new convert Tamara
In true "Cody" style, he gave her all kinds of grief about the posing and photo session!!
Elder Stewart
The Blue Mountains are way cool!

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