Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week #21 - No Bulls Running in This Spanish Town

Wagwan Fam,

This week has been absolutely crazy. Tons of stuff happened.

Tuesday was my birthday, and the first part of the day was kind of boring because we were stuck in the house while the countertop guys came back. The evening was a lot more eventful. I had given Tamara soooooo much crap for making me pose for pictures with her, but she got me back the night before I left...HARD.  I'll explain:

So in Jamaica there is this tradition when it’s your birthday that you get "floured" which literally means someone sneaks up on you and throws a bucket of flour on you.  Well, Tamara secretly brought some flour and Elder Stewart destroyed me haha (please let there be video of this!!!) but I was a pretty good sport about it. I had flour in my eye for like three days after that haha.  It was a way fun birthday though and a great ending to Yallahs!

This week I tried guinep and it is way good! It tastes like jello and bubble gum if those two things were ever mixed together. That's the best way I can describe it.

Wednesday was transfer day. Kinda crazy, but Spanish Town is great. We are teaching ALOT of people here so I'm happy about that. My companion, Elder Jackson and I live with our zone leaders, Elders Biddulph and Havili - they’re all great!  And Elder Palmer (MTC bud) is in my district so I’m stoked about that.  Our house is in a place called Willowdene - my area is actually called Spain-Willowdene.  It’s quite a bit smaller than St Thomas (the parish Yallahs is in), but there are also way more people packed into it. There's just a ton of housing schemes here so it will be better for finding people to teach.

Saturday was obviously the 4th of July. Although we didn't do anything to celebrate, I definitely had little fireworks going off in my heart. Jah Bless America.

Sunday was great. The Spanish Town chapel has A/C so that is super awesome. Members in the Spanish Town 2nd Ward are great too. After Sacrament Meeting, a lady just walked up to us and told us about her aunt that she has brought to church a couple times and referred us to her. The members here want to work so I'm excited to work alongside them.

I'm putting an extra effort to just work my tail off in this area. Now that I have a little more knowledge about what I'm doing (I'll probably never know what I'm doing but I'm working on it) I want to just hit the ground running here.

Crazy that it has already been basically five months?! I love every minute out here! Love and miss everyone as always! Talk to you next week!


Elder Graham

PS: Soon I’ll get some pictures for you of Spain!

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