Thursday, October 22, 2015

Week #36 - He Who Laughs... Lasts.

Hey Family!

Lots of funny little things happened this week.

I got to go to a big mission-wide district leader training meeting which was really good. I learned a ton and got to see a lot of people.

Happy Birthday Elder Knight!
Elders Graham, Gardiner, Knight, Christensen,
Biddulph & Koegler 
Elder Knight's birthday was Tuesday and we made a chocolate cake for him and bought white grape cider to celebrate like classy men.  
On Wednesday we were teaching someone, and this little girl just sat down by us with a joint in her hand. She opened it up and took all the marijuana out and threw it on the ground. It looked pretty liberating. It was hard not to laugh. Someone was NOT going to be happy.

Thursday Elder Christensen and I were walking down some street, and I watched a little school kid just drop his drawers and start peeing on another kid. The moms were just like "AHH! AY BWOY STOP DAT NAH!!" Super funny. Sorry for the Patois input but there wasn't a better way to describe their reaction.

We went to KFC for lunch on Friday (first time I have had KFC since I've been out) and on the drive toward the place, an oncoming van swerved into our lane and was coming at us from far away. Next thing we know, the van swerved off the road into a dirt bank and up a little hill. It had quite a bit of air time. When it landed, the bumper came off and it was crazy. We didn't really know how to react so we just did we do best: laughed....hard.
Sunday was a little frustrating. An investigator who promised us she would be at church didn't make it. So we are going to figure out what the deal is later this week.

Hope everyone at home is doing great! Congrats to Chelsea & Wyatt for getting engaged!!

Love and miss you guys!

Elder Graham

Last Week's P-Day at the only bowling alley in Jamaica
Elders Graham, Gardner, Knight, Biddulph & Koegler

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