Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week #37 - Sunrise, Sunset, Swiftly Go the Days

Hey Family!

This week was great!

I went on a trade off with Elder Koegler on Wednesday. That was way fun. He is a funny guy. We took sunset pictures just for kicks and giggles.

Sister Harrison fed us stew chicken foot which was awesome as always. I think that might have been Elder Christensen's first chicken foot experience.

Saturday was good. We got to see a ton of people and meet some new people as well.

Yesterday was pretty interesting. We talked to this guy for an hour just about doctrinal things. He has read over the Book of Mormon three times and "knows it is true," yet he had a few opinions that didn't make much sense and didn't understand priesthood authority very well, so we invited him to pray about it more and continue reading. He was really cool though.

Not too many crazy things happened this week as opposed to last week but no biggy!

Love and miss you guys!

Elder Graham

Lots of awesome sunsets this week!

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