Monday, January 11, 2016

Week #48 - Maybe It's a Vacation After All... Nahhhhh

Hey Family!

Sorry about last week, the internet was being weird. But anywho, this week was awesome. We are teaching a SWEET family - mom, dad, and 11 year old son. All very interested. I'm going to focus on them because this is literally the only exciting thing that happened this week.

So Craig, Shada, their son, CJ AND even Shada's mother and her boyfriend ALL came to church on Sunday - it was great. They participated like they had been coming for years. This is especially great because they were hesitant to come due to negative experiences with previous churches.

To give you a clue of some of the struggles of the church and the mission here in Jamaica, I’ll tell you that this is one of the first experiences I've had teaching a structured family (married with both parents in the home) on my mission, so this is kind of a big deal.

Anyway, right after church, Shada told us she was headed to New York for a few months to do some sort of nursing/nanny work. Kind of a bummer but she will soon be back.

Today we’re going to Negril to eat at some fancy restaurant on a cliff overlooking the ocean - maybe it is a vacation after all.. PSYCH.


Elder Graham

I'd like you to meet Elder Riding…

The crew: Elder Anderson, Davis, Riding, Sandmaier, and Fowkes on the white beach of Negril

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