Monday, March 2, 2015

Week #3 - Holla for Yallahs!


Jamaica is so freaking cool and the people are awesome!

When we first saw President Brown outside the airport we thought he was one of the missionaries! haha He is THE MAN. He told me in our interview that he sees something really special in me and told me to be ready for early leadership... I guess I’m still on the path hahaha. Honestly though, leadership is cool and all but I’m not all that excited for it. But YOLO...

We spent the first night at the AP's house in Kingston, then went to transfers in Spanish Town. I am in Yallahs east with my trainer, Elder Fowkes from Gilbert, AZ. He is so cool, and he knows his stuff. I’ve already learned a ton from teaching with him!

So on Thursday, I taught my first actual lesson to a girl named Tamara. She's 19 and has been meeting with the missionaries since January. She is our top investigator and really the only one that has progressed at all. Anyway, I extended a baptism date of March 14 and she said YES! It was sooo awesome and a huge confidence booster!

Yallahs is so cool. It is on the south side of Jamaica in the "bush" which just means the sticks. It is one of like three areas that can baptize in the OCEAN so that will be awesome!! It’s really humid here but in Yallahs, its super windy so we get the nice ocean breeze pretty often and that is so nice.

Every building in Jamaica is made out of cement and all buildings have gates/bars over doors and windows. Our house is no different. Since we don’t have AC (just fans) we just leave everything open and close the door gate with a padlock. Probably half of our electrical circuits are shorted out or not working and our water shuts off randomly sometimes, which means for some days we have to do... dum dada DUMMMM! BUCKET SHOWERS!! yayyyyyy. They’re really not bad though. There’s only one temperature that the water is anyway and it’s not too warm not too cold, even water from the kitchen sink (but don’t worry we have a filter on the kitchen sink so no one dies or anything crazy like that). I like cold showers here though, they are refreshing.

We live with another set of elders that cover the west and north side of Yallahs: Elder Stewart (our branch president as well) and Elder Banton (Jamaican, soooooo funny...also our branch clerk).

As you can see, things are great here in Yallahs. Though it’s a little 3rd worldy, (even though some people manage to get androids and BMW's) it’s a TON of fun and I’m excited to continue the work here, it is moving!!! I’ve seen some cool things, some weird things, some funny things and also disgusting things here so far and I love every minute of it!

One weird thing is that dogs and GOATS just roam the streets and coexist with people here haha it’s odd but I’m used to it now. Plus, goats make a great lawn care service for our church building... ;)

Also, apparently the work in Yallahs is the best in the entire mission so we have a rep to keep up.

Going off island might not happen because there’s only one set of elders out there and three sets of sisters, but that doesn’t bother me too much, I’m fine with Jamaica!!!

We’re about to go into Kingston (hour drive) to play ball with Elder Evans and his comp... and to pick up glasses for Elder Stewart, so until next week!


Elder Graham

Pictures to come NEXT week, I don’t have a usb adapter for my SD card so no pics... I gotta keep you wanting more SOMEHOW right??

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