Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week #7 - Faith, Fish & Family

What up Fam!

Zone Conference - Elders Ostrowski, Palmer, Evans & Graham
This week has been slowly getting better. It started pretty good, but it ended awesome! On Tuesday we had zone conference in Kingston which was combined with Spanish Town so I got to see Elder Evans, Palmer, and Ostrowski and it was cool to see how great they were all doing. We heard from President Brown and the president of the Area Seventy for the Caribbean, Elder Martinez. We also got to see Meet the Mormons (again for me) which is basically the best documentary the church has ever made.

We need to clean our house before Wednesday. Pres Brown is coming to interview someone in the branch and he's gonna go proselyting with Stewart and Kuehn, also the AP's are doing a tradeoff with me and Fowkes tomorrow to "see how we are doing". I'm not worried. I know the area like the back of my hand now (even tho Mom probably knows it better than me because she googles Yallahs every day haha). Let it be noted that Mom takes exception to this. I have not Googled Yallahs… much.

I tried a lot of new food this week. Ackee and Saltfish tastes like scrambled eggs and fish together which was really good. Papaya is nasty haha I don't recommend that to anyone. The same guy that gave us the lobster gave us "doctor fish" this week. We haven't cooked it up quite yet but we plan on doing that soon. I think that's it for new food.

Ackee and Saltfish
Doctor Fish

On Wednesday we finally got Elder Fowke's bike back and functional again so we can now get around like we used to be able to. Walking for a week and a half really made me appreciate having a bike, BUT we were on foot for a reason because one night when we were walking home, we met a girl named Sashana who seemed interested. When we met with her for a lesson, she was with her neighbor/boyfriend/friend/guy/ whatever/not sure and his name is Kemoy. He told us that he loved how we approached everything and how the Mormons were all about the basics and fundamentals and stuff. He also said that if everyone was Mormon, the world would be a better place haha so we will see how that plays out! So what I learned from walking was that a tender mercy is usually the result of a trial. HOWEVER, it is nice to be back on bikes.

On Saturday we were talking to some of our favorite people when we were at our friend Paul's shop, Patricia (Paul's girlfriend, not members or investigators) and their friend, Keisha who we are teaching.
We made a book for Cody to take and remind him
he was loved and to showcase every
embarassing photo of us...
surprised this girl wasn't terrified!
They saw my family picture which fell out of my scriptures the day before and told us to bring more pictures next time so I brought my book full ofpictures. Every picture she saw she would say how much fun my family has and how awesome we all look. She especially wants to meet Lindsay because, "She looks like a ball full of fun and she's gorgeous" (I wish I could type Patois but I can still barely understand it) So Lindsay, don't go getting all prideful, but there is someone in Yallahs who would like to meet you haha. Showing them pictures was really good for our lesson with Keisha. It's rare to see a family here with a mother and father who are married so we related the gospel to eternal families and Keisha really liked that.

I never realized how big my area was. It's actually pretty much the whole parish of St Thomas so it technically goes all the way to the southeast coast. No point in going over there because our church building is three hours away from that so no one would ever commit to go from that far away.

The way the sun was setting behind the clouds looked way sweet!
That's pretty much it for this week. I think I'm going to buy a set of Jamaican Domino and send it home so I can teach you all how to play when I get back. It is way fun! Anyway, love and miss you guys!

Until next week!


Elder Graham 

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