Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Week #11 - Blessings of Faith and Stiff Necked Turkeys

What up Fam,

This week was awesome!! A lot of things happened.

Last Monday, I was starting personal study and asked in a prayer how I can help investigators gain faith. I was reading in the Book of Mormon and got to Alma 32 which talks about planting a seed and nourishing it and partaking of its fruit (a huge analogy which explains EXACTLY how to gain faith). That was a blatant answer to prayer it was great!

Tuesday we went to Tamara's to have a lesson. At the end, she told us she was going through a bit of a hard time and wanted a blessing from us. When we asked who she wanted to give it, she pointed at me. I usually don't get nervous for giving blessings but for some reason my heart was pounding out of my chest. I had no clue what she was going through, just that she was going through a hard time. So I just started talking. I basically centered it on avoiding temptation because that was the only thing coming to mind. Afterward, she told us that that was exactly what she needed. I was starstruck. I've never felt so much direction from the Spirit before then so that was an awesome experience. Tamara has great faith and an awesome testimony. 

On Wednesday, the zone leaders came to Yallahs and did a little trade off with us. Elder Rammell and I took the truck all the way out to Pondside so he could interview Ashanie for baptism. It was kind of nice having a truck but I don't know if I would like to have one permanently because it would be hard to meet people on the street.

Anyway, our teaching pool is getting a bit small, so we took some time on Thursday to walk around and just talk to people. We met a guy named Peter who was great. When we asked when a good time for us to come back to talk with us some more, he told us that he wasn't interested because he was already in a church from birth, but he wants to just talk religion with us. Got our hopes up and then crushed our dreams but no big deal. Thursday night was pretty weird. First, there was like a 20-minute power outage at like 2 am. Then later in the night, we kept hearing stuff falling down in the house. So we checked, and a cat had weaseled its way in the house and was getting into our trash. Super odd haha.

Our Friday Night Activity was great. We bought some supplies to play some of the games from Minute to Win It! That was WAY fun!

Ashanie's baptism with his mom, Sister Nicely
Ashanie got baptized on Saturday. He bore his testimony after and it was great. You may not expect much from a 10 year old boy, but his testimony of the church is absolutely awesome. Later that day, his 13 year old sister, Zadie, told us she wanted to be baptized now (this family is so great)! So we told her to pray about a date and get back to us. We're still waiting on her answer, but it's really cool to see such a desire from such young kids!

Quick side note: Some white (European?) rasta man came over to us before the baptism and was like "You can't tell me anything about Jesus, you're way too young." Wrong thing to say to a missionary!! I went off talking about the life of Christ and how it influences our lives and how we can know for a surety if God was real and stuff. He just said that he had nothing else to say that wouldn't offend me and then left. Bless his soul haha.

Stewed turkey neck
Ashanie asked me to confirm him on Sunday, so that was great as well! Later at Tamara's, her mom fed us stewed turkey neck which was DANG good! Kinda tasted like beef with the texture of chicken back. So good! 

That's about it for now. As always, love and miss you guys!


Elder Graham

Alton (the guy who gave us lobster)
let us see some of the fish he caught on his latest venture out to sea.
The beach in Yallahs is way cool even with no sunset

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