Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week #8 - Got My Buns Through Easter

Hey Fam!

Our P-Day got switched to Tuesday this week because yesterday was 'Easter Monday' in Jamaica so stores and things were closed down.

Conference was great! We got a 32 inch TV at our church the day before conference which we hooked up wirelessly to our computer monitor and streamed conference from YouTube.

I thought about Grandma Briggs a lot yesterday for some reason, guess I know why now. She's in my prayers… We let Cody know that his grandma in Pocatello, Idaho is struggling with some health challenges.

On Wednesday, President Brown came to Yallahs for some interviews. He said he wanted to come teaching with us but his interviews went too long so he wasn't able to come with us.  The AP trade off was way good. Elder Whitlock said I was a great teacher, and also we went contacting in the richest part of Yallahs, South Haven (for obvious reasons) and he is a wizard with talking to people about the church. Like people who say not interested at first I would usually be like "k see ya" but he would just keep the conversation going and figure out some way to bring up the gospel again. I learned a lot from Elder Whitlock, although he almost lost the key to my bike lock when he was trying to lock missionaries' feet to chairs haha. He is getting transferred tomorrow though so he won’t be AP anymore. Yep, one transfer in already for me. On Saturday I hit two months?!?!?! Time is flying for me, almost too fast!

Transfers are tomorrow (April 8th) and no one in the Yallahs house is going anywhereI’m still being trained, six more weeks before I’m no longer a trainee. So May 20, Elder Fowkes will probably leave because he’s been here since October.

Easter Bun & cheese
So for Easter, the tradition here is Easter bun and cheese. They are basically spice buns with raisin and other fruits in it. It tasted pretty much like fruit cake...with cheese. So not something I would die to have in the future. I'll be totally honest, we were given a huge spice bun and cheese, and I stuffed it in my bag like a wimp, and when we left I tossed it as far as I could. Not my proudest moment but I repented. 

Tamarind is super bitter
Our friend Paul has a cashew tree in his yard and they are finally ready to be picked and roasted. Crazy how that process happens. But home roasted cashews are fantastic! Elder Fowkes and I ate so many on Friday hahaha! We also got some tamarind to take home from Paul's place. Not sure how to describe what it is except for it is way bitter and really sour.

I got a card from the Zundel family at zone conference a couple weeks ago that I forgot to tell you about. They are awesome. Tell them thanks from me will ya? Also Dave Luman sent me a nice email this week. Mail took about a month to get here haha so tell mom if she wants a package to get to me, plan at least a month in advance if not longer.   Was that a hint, maybe??

That's it for this week. Not too much happened other than teaching and learning some new things as I continue. Tonight is reach out night where we go visit a few less active members and share a spiritual thought.  Talk to ya next week!  Love and miss you guys!


Elder Graham

Elder Kuehn's machete

One more sweet pic that I took just now right outside our house
The Spanish Town & Kingston Zones

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