Monday, April 13, 2015

Week #9 - Canned Fish and Handcuffs

Hey Fam!

This week has been great! We've been pretty busy all week long which is always a good thing.

Jamaican June Plum

On Tuesday one of our investigators gave us some plums from his tree and they are way good! They kind of taste like green apples but are smaller and have a huge seed in the middle. 

On Wednesday we did a trade off. Elder Fowkes and Elder Kuehn went together and Elder Stewart came with me. He is a really good teacher and has a ton of confidence. He knows how to be bold but loving simultaneously, and I learned a lot from him.

Everywhere we go, people ask us how old we are. We usually just ask them to guess because it's really funny how many different guesses people come up with. For me, people have thought I was anywhere from 19 to 24 years old. For Elder Fowkes, it's usually between 25 and 30 haha.

We ended with about 19 total lessons which is a way good week. We are working hard out here. We have one investigator who is 16 and lives right next to Tamara, one of our recent converts. Her name is Kavia and she seems way interested.  Tamara has been a huge help as we teach Kavia - they're pretty close in age, and Tamara's testimony is the best influence for Kavia.  She has trouble getting fare for taxis to get to church, though. Not sure what we're gonna do about that but anyway. Also a 13 year old daughter of a long-time-less-active woman told us she wanted to be baptized so we're working with her as much as we can. Still trying to figure out her motives and her true desire/commitment to be baptized and stuff but it seems good.  Tamara gave her first talk on Sunday on baptism and she did great!

For Friday night activity, we played capture the flag and it was awesome. We did us four missionaries vs the 8 or 9 other people there and you can probably guess that we lost. However, we lasted a long time. Later that night, we were cleaning up the church from the activity and we heard, "Come out with your hands on your head!" Obviously we were a little confused because we weren't doing anything illegal (as far as I know). We walked out toward the street and saw three cops who had a guy in handcuffs and were searching his truck. After a few minutes they put the guy in their car and took off, leaving the guy's truck just parked on the side of the road. That was a little strange. 

Tin Mackerel
We went to Sister Nicely's (recent convert, also Tamara's aunt) on Saturday and she fed us tin mackerel which tasted kind of like a mix of salt fish and tuna. We had it with some rice and this pepper sauce that she made. Super spicy but pretty good!

Yesterday at church, some random guy showed up for all three hours. After talking with him a little bit, we found out that he lives in the same housing scheme as us. He is a highway patrol officer for the road that connects Kingston and Yallahs. His name is Horace and he is really cool and super nice. Hopefully we can start teaching him. For the evening, Sister Meadow fed us (she feeds us every Sunday) stew chicken and rice and peas. Her stew chicken is the best! By the way, I pretty much eat chicken like a savage now which is kind of necessary for living in Jamaica.

Elder Stewart and Kuehn bought a fishing pole last week and went out this morning super early and caught two fish right out by at the beach. The Yallahs house is the best. The four of us get along great, except for when we play card games like rook haha

Cody's grandparents in Pocatello, Idaho asked if he knew an Elder Rammell from their stake.  YES! Elder Rammell is my zone leader and got his Patriarchal Blessing from Grandpa Briggs!  He's way cool, super chill and going to BYU-I in the fall.

That's pretty much it for this week. Not too many pictures this week, but I got one decent one. Anyway, love and miss you all! Have a great week!


Elder Graham

The view from above Sister Nicely's house

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