Monday, September 14, 2015

Week #31 - Only One May Enter Here, One Whose Worth Lies Far Within - a Diamond in the Rough!

Hey family!

This week was awesome. We got a ton of stuff done!

On Tuesday, we got to the house of a guy we were supposed to see, but another guy named Everick came out instead. We thought we would give him a pamphlet and get his number and ask him if he was interested in learning more. For whatever reason, as we were about to ride off, I figured I would ask him if he had time right then and there to sit down and talk for a bit. He said sure and we had a great lesson with him. Not only was he very interested in the Book of Mormon, but we also found out that he is married and has kids, doesn't drink OR smoke, and is in the Jamaican military! This is someone that the creepy sand lion thing from Aladdin would call, "a diamond in the rough." Only issue is his work schedule is pretty random so it has been hard to see him since then.

President Brown came to my district meeting on Wednesday which was actually really great. We also had interviews with Pres, and that was awesome as well. He told me I would be training "or something" (whatever that means) next transfer which will be on September 26th. So to whoever's family of the missionary I train... I'm sorry. Just kidding. Well kind of.

Thursday morning was a little rough. I woke up super stuffed up which is weird. Never been sick out here until now. To make it better, I must have slept weird, but I woke up with a super stiff neck (no pun intended). So Thursday was interesting. We did a small fast with Sister Murdock to help her gain more of a testimony of the Book of Mormon which was great, just a little exhausted that day, but we still had a great day.

Friday, the sickness got worse, and Elder Biddulph got sick as well. Sister Ridler (the mission nurse) told us the best thing to do is rest, so that's what we did, and it was terrible. I hope I never have to sit inside all day ever again. Oh by the way, Friday marked my seventh month on the mission - What?!

Saturday, I went on a trade off with Elder Gardner. In one of our lessons, some rasta guy came up to the group of people we were talking to and tried to tell everyone that "Di white mon dem a use Jesus fi enslave us all!" Luckily, the people were not in the mood for that guy so they kinda just told him to shut up using creative words until he just sat down and was quiet. I love the people here - they are awesome!

Sister Murdock should be baptized on the 26th of September which will be so cool - I'm way excited for her!

That's about it for this week.

Love you guys!

Elder Graham

This is me trying to cheer up Elder Bidduplh with some Hercules songs... Just kidding. 
But I really was singing to him a little bit, and dang did I sound good.
Looks like it’s a Disney theme in Spanish Town this week:  
♫ “From zero to hero a major hunk,
Zero to hero and who'da thunk?” ♫

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