Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week #30 - Humble Pie is Tasting Better

Hey family! 

This week was awesome! 

On Wednesday I was just on my bike and stuff, you know, the usual, and for whatever dumb reason, I wasn't paying attention to the millions of pot holes in the streets and I dropped right into one unexpectedly. At the same time, one of my tires hit a big rock and so I got knocked off the side. Pretty impressive, I know. I wasn't going fast, and I had no injuries at all. The wonderful part of that was all of the people in the neighborhood who were around. Not embarrassing at all. It's a clear sign that I still need to be humbled. 

On Thursday we invited Sister Murdock to attend a baptism for someone else that coming Saturday and she told us, "What if I get there and I want to just hop in and be baptized right then and there?" She is great. I'm really excited for her! She should be baptized September 26th which will be awesome! 

Elder Jackson and I spent Saturday morning doing some minor bike fixes. I had to put a new liner in my back rim. Elder Jackson got a new seat so now we are all decked out and rolling in style. 

Last night we got fed by a member which was a nice way to end the week. 

I'm doing great here! I'm learning a ton every day and there is no better work that I could be doing right now. 

Love you guys! 

Elder Graham

Elders Graham, Jackson, Nice Jamaican Lady, Elders Knight and Koegler
We were trying to get a picture with Sister Harrison, so we asked her sister to take it, 
but she is awful at taking pictures, so then Sister Harrison just said, Don't worry, I'll take it." 
Kind of defeated the purpose of taking the picture but her sister was nice!
Bought a cool planner case from a member in Linstead,
but it is too big for my pocket so it is now a sweet souvenir...

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