Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week #33 - New Companion, New Member and New Respect for Pork

Hey family!

This week was really hectic, but still great! I got a package from my cousin, Tami Adams which had a bunch of Canadian candy in it – it was the best. THANK YOU Tami!

Tuesday I went to a meeting for all the trainers which was good - I learned a lot. Elder Jackson left for Port Antonio on Tuesday as well so I went into a trio with the zone leaders. 

Wednesday was a lot of fun. We went to Old Harbor and surprise dropped in on Elder Palmer's district meeting. 
Elders Graham & Christensen
Transfers were Thursday. I received (…received??  What, did he come DHL?? Sorry, I just thought that expression was so strange – not sure if it’s Jamaican or Cody!) Elder Christensen, from Gilbert, AZ. He is awesome. The first day he was with me, he would just walk right up to people and talk about the gospel. He is fearless which influences me to be more fearless as well.

Saturday was interesting. While playing soccer in the morning, I planted my foot weird and kinda minorly hyper-extended my knee and twisted my ankle. Lucky for me, Elder Gardner knew a lot of places we were gonna go that day so he went with Elder Christensen for most of the day while I went in the truck with Elder Biddulph. Also that morning I took some Ibuprofen to slow the pain but I completely forgot to eat anything and so what happened next was....projectile vomit haha but I felt better after that (bless this boy’s attitude… I have never followed the words projectile vomit with “haha”).

Elder Graham, Sister Murdock, Elder Christensen
Sister Murdock got baptized Sunday morning which was awesome! She wanted me to confirm her in Sacrament meeting so I did. And then right after that, the bishop asked this other little kid named Prince who was baptized on Saturday who he wanted to confirm him and he also said, "Elder Graham." So I got to confirm two people at Sacrament meeting yesterday. Lots of fun.

The work is moving here in Spanish Town. I'm excited to see what Elder Christensen and I can do here! Talk to you more next week!

Love you guys!

Elder Graham

And uh, Mom, the picture you put up of "Ribena" is actually a picture of sorrel haha.  Well it was bound to happen sometime - and here I thought the internet was 100% accurate…
For real this time
Courtesy of the Zone Leaders...
Ah Jamaica.
Thanks, Tarieq, a member in Spanish Town
for sending updates on our boys!!

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