Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Week #38 - No Tricks, Just Treats

Hey Family!

My week was awesome, but I will keep this pretty short. 

His response when asked if he went Trick or Treating:  Halloween isn't celebrated at all here. It was just a normal day besides the 2 pounds of caramel and gummy worms we bought. So I’m guessing a visit to the dentist is looming…

We had zone meeting on Wednesday. Elder Christensen and I had to teach a section of it which was pretty great. Wednesday night, Elder Havili got to come teaching with us which is always a good thing - I learned a lot from it.

Shout out to the twins for turning 21 on Thursday! I truly can't believe they made it this far. Just kidding.

The whole week, we focused on talking with EVERYONE, which has become so normal that it has pretty much become second nature to just stick your hand out to shake the hand of whoever is passing by... That's our sneaky attempt to get them to stop walking and chat so we don't have to chase them down and walk with them. It's great, don't worry.

Overall this week, Elder Christensen and I got a ton of work done this week and it is starting to show.

This one lady named Annie is trying to get rid of the bar that is inside her house because she knows it’s no bueno. She came to church yesterday and loved it! I'm excited for her. She is on date for baptism on December 20th so we will see how it goes! Of course she still has a lot to do between now and then but it can definitely happen.

Unfortunately that's all I got for ya this week.


Elder Graham

I forgot to take any pictures this week so here's the crew at the email shop.
Elders Christensen, Graham, Biddulph & Gardner

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