Monday, November 9, 2015

Week #39 - Sometimes You Just Need to Chill Eat

Hey Fam!

This week has been great.

Inside Chilitos - a great JaMexican spot!
Oh and Elder Koegler.
So last Monday we planned on going to Kingston for the Bob Marley museum, but we couldn't get the residency discount so it would have been way expensive. We went to Chilitos instead, which is the only Mexican restaurant in Jamaica. We also went to a place called Devon House and got some ice cream. 

I went to another trainer's meeting on Tuesday which was good. We talked a lot about obedience and discussed some little things that we as a mission can do to be more obedient. It'll be good for the work, so I'm excited to see how the work improves.

Transfers were on Wednesday. Elder Biddulph went to Downtown Kingston, and Elder Pulsipher is here in Spanish Town now – he’s way sick (translation: he’s a great guy) and from St George, Utah.  Not too many changes for myself or Elder Christensen.

Fry fish and boiled dumpling
On Thursday, Sister Murdock gave Elder Christensen and I some fried fish, so we took it home that night and boiled some dumplings, threw some jerk seasoning on the fish and had that for dinner. It was so good!

A member invited us over for a game night with some of his friends Friday night. We played domino, ate some good food, met some people, it was awesome. Some of the people were pretty interested in the gospel, and two of them are soon getting married AND baptized around Christmas time so that's exciting.

Saturday was the International Day of Service. The two Spanish Town wards went to go chop a whole bunch of thorn bushes and tall grass so a garden can be extended further. The place is called the Mustard Seed Jerusalem Center; it's in Spanish Town somewhere and it houses physically and mentally handicapped children. It was cool to hang out with them for a little bit before we got to work. My neck is so burnt right now, it hurts to turn my head because my collar rubs it raw. But it was great.  So glad we sent him with a good supply of sunscreen… 

Elders Gardner, Graham, Banton, Pulsipher and Christensen
Sunday, as we were walking out from church, I saw Elder Banton (one of the elders Cody lived with in Yallahs – he went home for a short time)!  He was set apart as a missionary yesterday so he is back in the mission field and is serving in the Boulevard Ward in Kingston. It was so good to see him!

So there was my week. Hope yours was good!


Elder Graham

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