Monday, November 16, 2015

Week #40 - Getting Famous in Willowdene

Hey Family!

I'll jump right into it this week.

Tuesday night we found a bunch of Christmas stuff in a storage room of our house, so we threw it up as best as a bunch of 19 year-old boys could.

I went on a trade off with Elder Knight on Wednesday. He is awesome. We had a good time doing all sorts of missionary work and eating berries that make your tongue go numb and other stuff.

Some people called out to us as we were riding by and called us over. We asked them how they knew we were missionaries, and they said they knew people who have talked to us before. So we're getting pretty famous in Willowdene, I guess. 

Sister Murdock has been getting pamphlets from us and taking them to the health clinic and handing them out to people. She knows now to make sure to get people's number, name, and address and then she just gives the info to us. She is a beast at finding referrals for us!

Sunday was the primary program. It was a little interesting, but still really good. After church, we went home and made our own family dinner: stew peas with pork.

That's it for this week!


Elder Graham 

We crossed over Highway 2000 to get to a member's house way out in bush

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