Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week #43 - Don't Fizzle Out

Hey Fam!

Alright I'm low on time so I'll keep this quick!

Cody's Grandpa Briggs has terminal cancer and is very close to leaving us to be with his Heavenly Father. Right before Cody left on his mission, his Grandma Briggs gave him some sage advice: "Don't fizzle out." Cody has kept this as one of his mottoes while in Jamaica, and here are some sweet, comforting words he gave me when I gave him the news:  Looks like we all have a legacy to keep up now, don't we? But it won't be difficult. Thanks to the Plan of Salvation and all the prophesy that has already been fulfilled, we already have all the answers to the test of this life, all we gotta do is "write them down," or in other words,  live what we know to be true.  I've definitely been brought down deep into the depths of humility so far on my mission, never feeling adequate enough to continue, but there is always something that keeps me going (Besides Gma B's wise counsel). Well actually it is someONE. That is Jesus the Christ, my Savior.

On Tuesday we had a lesson with a young couple named Dwayne and Yaneek who told us they are wanting to get married in December (after originally planning  to get married in six months). They are progressing really well and will hopefully be married on December 19th!

I'll get some good stories to you next week. Trust me.

Sunday was the Christmas Devotional which was awesome!

I know, I know, it was so short but I'll soon get some good stuff to you, no time today though.


Elder Graham

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