Monday, December 14, 2015

Week #44 - Go West, Young Missionary

Hey Fam, 

Lots of exciting stuff this week.

We had to call the mission office this week and have President Brown call Cody to let him know his Grandpa Briggs passed away on Wednesday.  He shared the following experience, which was amazingly similar to one I had the same day – it's wonderful to know my dad is keeping his eye on Cody and all of his family… It's nice to know that Grandpa endured to the end and earned his reward. It motivates me to get my poop in a group and not..."fizzle out" for lack of a better term haha.  Cass shared a cool little experience she had about Gramps and I had a similar one the same day I got the call from President Brown. We were just chilling outside making some phone calls and I didn't really see it like a vision or anything crazy like that but I just imagined him across the street in a white suit giving me double thumbs up. It just stayed in my mind for a few minutes while I was making calls. Not sure if it was just my mind or what but I'm positive it was real. He's a baller. Translation:  "He’s awesome."  He really is… Grandpa’s Obituary

So yeah about transfers. I'm being transferred to Savanna-la-Mar which is on the opposite side of the island. I'm excited but of course, sad to leave Spanish Town. I'll leave on Wednesday. It's going to be a 4-5 hour drive so I'm not excited for that part, but anywho…

Savanna-la-mar (often abbreviated to Sav-la-mar or simply "Sav" by locals) is the capital of Westmoreland Parish, with a population of almost 23,000 (a tiny bit smaller than Spanish Town’s 147,000). A coastal town, it contains an 18th-century fort constructed for colonial defense against pirates in the Caribbean. Sadly, the most memorable events in the town's history is a series of three hurricanes which caused massive destruction. The first one to hit the newly established town was in 1748 which caused almost total destruction. Another hurricane hit in 1780, allegedly causing the sea to rise to such a degree that ships were found stranded amongst the trees. A third hurricane struck in 1912, causing a schooner to be washed in to town. Nowadays the town's economic activities center around sugar, retail and occasional benefits from the Negril tourism trade.

Today we went to a wedding. Ramon and Janelle, two people that have been talking with the missionaries for the last few weeks, got married today and are gonna get baptized on Saturday which will be SWEET. They are so cool. 

Congratulations Ramon and Janelle!
Tonight we are going to open our district Secret Santa gifts and have a nice last little P-Day before everyone takes off. It's gonna be awesome.

I'm keeping some stories off so I'll actually have something to talk about for Christmas - so sorry if I seem way boring!

Love you guys!

Elder Graham

Well hello, Elder Gardner...
DJ Graham throwing down a dope set in the club...

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