Monday, July 25, 2016

Week #76 - Junction Represent

Hey Family!

Some of the usual branch meetings fell through this week so we had time to be full time missionaries all week and that was absolutely awesome. 

We met some cool new guys this week. One dude owns a little fruit stand on the side of the main road. We were just walking past him one day and I went over and bought a pineapple from him. When he was handing it to me, I made him hold my Book of Mormon because "my hands were full" (muahaha) and so yeah, then we just asked him if he had ever seen that book before and that was it. We have pretty much met with him every day this past week. We have been trying to get more creative with our street contacting so yeah, haha there it was.

Sunday after church there was a district seminary graduation in Mandeville, and it didn't occur to me until the day of, that we are supposed to go to that haha so we went and the Junction branch REPRESENTED with three Collins kids getting certificates and then two institute certificates were given to me because the people couldn't make it. Go Junction.

We are having a good ole time here. Keep praying for us, there are a few people that are in the process of learning to trust in God's promises and once they do they will hop right in the water so I'm stoked for the next couple weeks!


Elder Graham

Swiped from the Jamaica Moms FB page
The sisters in their district and Elders Graham and Trinnaman
Welcome to P-Day in Junction!

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