Monday, August 8, 2016

Week #78 - Elder Graham Unplugged

Hey Family!

This week flew by. Not as crazy as usual, but still great.

Alright so for the past couple weeks, the branch had been planning a sweet Friday night activity where we would have a branch talent show. There was a ton of good food and about half the branch showed up which is a SUPER good turnout for us! Omar conducted/hosted the activity and just called up random people from the bunch to come up and share their talent. Obviously, some people refused to come up, but a lot of people got up and sang or danced or read poems or whatever. Elder Trinnaman did stand up which was funny because it is Elder Trinnaman. You would never believe what I did for my talent. Believe it or not, I whipped out my uke and played "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission." And since I was a total joke anyway, I thought I would go out in style by going all Lindsey Sterling on them. So yeah, here I was, playing, singing, and now dancing around the room for these people. Not sure if anyone will ever take me seriously again, but that's how it goes. I know, you're probably thinking “pics or it didn't happen...” well it did and I don't know if anyone snapped any pics or any video, so sorry haha. Please oh please someone in Junction have blackmail video/pictures of this…

On a more serious note, we did splits on Saturday with Brother Collins, Carlton Collins, and Elder Ridler (who kindly brought his truck and hauled us around). We were able to get a ton of stuff done which was great. 

So Collin Samuda got baptized two months ago, and we have been working with his wife and kids to get baptized too, but the wife is pretty stubborn. Anyway, we are sitting in a lesson and her daughter says that she wants to get baptized before she goes back to school in September... with or without her mother. When KerryAnn asked Randeen why she wanted to be baptized so bad, she said "because I want the gift of the Holy Ghost." Ahh man it was so cool to see the Holy Ghost work through this 11 year old girl so powerfully. Hopefully this will kick KerryAnn in the bum to have the faith to be baptized, otherwise she is going to have problems with her daughter haha - go Randeen.

Also I think I had my first ever migraine Saturday night. That was horrible, but I popped some pills, drank some water and passed out and I was fine when I woke up the next morning so all is well.

We are going to Mandeville to celebrate Jamaica's Independence Day this time - I'll try to get pictures and stuff.


Elder Graham

Muggin as usual...

The eldren in Junction: Elders Simpson and Trinnaman

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