Monday, August 22, 2016

Week #80 - Your Prayers Are Working

Hey Family!

We had a good week.

Red Pea Soup
We went to Santa Cruz on Wednesday and had a trade off with the zone leaders. I went with Elder Rowley. We saw one of his investigators and his girlfriend just happened to be there, so we taught them about the Restoration and she totally got it! It was one of the best Restoration lessons we have had. And here is the cool part. It just so happens that she lives in a place called New Forrest. Guess where that is. That's right - MY AREA. So hopefully we can get in contact with her again, her phone has been off for a few days but she seems way cool. Later in the evening, a member in Santa Cruz cooked us red pea soup for dinner and it was AWESOME. Also, this old crazy lady named Ms. Vi (Violet) that lives at the house where we had dinner was singing to us. It was a good time.

We got our transfer calls on Saturday and Elder Trinnaman and I will be staying in Junction, and Elder Simpson will be going to May Pen. Crazy right? You can never predict transfers.

Elder Ridler came again and we did splits with him and Pres Collins. Elder Simpson and I visited a few people. We started teaching this rasta dude and his girlfriend. His name is Raymond and he is pretty cool, but we will see how it goes. When the other guys were teaching the Samudas on Saturday, KerryAnn was asking Romario again if he really wanted to get baptized and he was like "I told you already but you never listened!!" So he went and found a napkin and wrote "yes" on it and gave it to his mom. Ohhhh boy that was priceless. So hopefully we can get the kids in the pool by this coming Saturday!!!

Also there is another girl who always comes to church and wants to be baptized in a few weeks when she turns 12. Her mother has been the reason why she hasn't in the past, but they visited her and Shayquan bore testimony and everyone was crying and so I think that will be the softener for her mom. 

There are a lot of good things happening here. Your prayers are working, just so you all know!!

Oh also, yesterday was President Collins' birthday. He turned 52.They invited us over tonight for dinner so I'm stoked!

But that is about it for this week. Talk to ya later!


Elder Graham

The doll house
(Cody’s very masculine apt building)

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