Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week #77 - Careful Its Contagious

Hey Family!

This week was pretty strange.

The Santa Cruz missionaries all got this weird contagious flu/rash thing which started everything (Apparently this flu has been going around the entire mission over the last couple months).

The first half of the week was totally normal, everything was pretty much going as planned, but starting Wednesday at zone meeting, one of the zone leaders discovered that he had the rash so we pretty much cut zone meeting early and went home. Everyone shook each other’s' hands and whatever this thing was, spread to the whole zone I'm sure. 

So Elder Trinnaman and Elder Simpson caught this thing. I didn't though, which was a pleasant surprise. Friday, Saturday and Monday we spent inside being miserable. We forced ourselves to go Sunday to district conference in May Pen which was good. We needed to get out of the house, and we tried not to shake too many hands. Also we (the missionaries) were called up during the conference to an on-the-spot musical number (well it was on the spot for the Junction elders because we had no idea about it). Oh how Elder Graham loves performing those musical numbers - muahaha

On Monday Carlton Collins was kind enough to go out teaching with me in the morning. He is awesome, he turns 18 next year so mission soon come.

Jamaica is currently on a tropical storm warning right now so any second we could be told to go home or something... so we stocked up on food today. That would be Tropical Storm Earl, hopefully just getting Jamaica a bit soggy and moving on!


Elder Graham
Never tell Elder Simpson that it is impossible
to eat five patties... because he will eat six.

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