Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week #83 - Challenge Accepted

Hey Family!

This week was cool. We have been challenged to invite pretty much everyone we meet to be baptized if God tells them the Book of Mormon is true and it has been a way cool experience!

Tuesday morning we chopped some grass for the Hudsons in the hot sun and they fed us chicken liver and fried dumpling and it was fantastic. And if you're wondering if we used machetes to chop? Yes we did.

Thursday we had a couple cool experiences with this BoM challenge:

First, we did a little finding trip up this big hill to a place called Tod Town and as we walked past this bar, a girl was asking for a bible verse and we kinda just brushed it off (usually it is the sole intent of those girls to just flirt with missionaries so we usually avoid those situations) but on our way back past the bar, she was still sitting there and she called out to us again and asked us what we believe about God. Her exact words (English translation of course) were: "Hey I have heard some people say that Mormons don't believe in God and I thought that was crazy so I thought I might go straight to the source. So what do you believe about God?" We gave her a Book of Mormon and gave her a challenge and she said that of course if God told her this was true she would have to do what He says. So that was awesome

Later in the day, we met this other lady who just seemed way cool. We challenged her and the same thing happened! Elder Trinnaman took Omar to go see her on Saturday and had a great lesson with her. She even fed them!! Good things are happening in Junction!

I went with the Chandlers on Saturday to go visit some of the seminary/institute aged people in the Junction area (they are S&I (seminary & institute, I presume?) missionaries) and had some really good talks with people who have not been to church in a while. I hope we can increase the amount of people going to Seminary and Institute this year. That would be amazing!

That's all I got for ya this week. Talk to ya soon!


Elder Graham

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