Monday, September 19, 2016

Week #84 - Shut Up

Hey Family!

I'll keep this short and sweet, wedding plans are getting crazy I hear.  Fact.  Cody’s sister, Chelsea gets married on September 30 – crazy is in abundance.

We have been teaching this sweet old lady named Lilie. She is Sister Gayle's mother and she is awesome. Long story short she is getting baptized this weekend! When I asked her who she wanted to baptize her, she asked me to list some options, so I started listing people in the branch, then the missionaries, when I said I could do it if she wanted, she completely cut me off and said "Shut up...shut right up, right there. Stop talking. YOU will do it." Haha it was the funniest thing. She is great. 

Pictures are interesting right now, my SD card adapter rusted out so I am going to hunt for a new one this week. Wish me luck! Lucky for us, I got friends in low facebook places so photo creds to Sister Baker this week!

More news to come later on!


Elder Graham

Reunited with his good bud, Elder Palmer
Planning to room together this spring... Heaven help Rexburg.

Zone Activity in May Pen

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