Monday, November 14, 2016

Week #92 - This Place and These People

Hey Family!

Well I received a lot of news this week, besides Trump and stuff, so I will jump right into the details. 

On Wednesday after district meeting I got a phone call from the AP's telling me that Elder Dawson was coming to Junction to be the new branch president… which means that I will be transferred next week. They didn’t tell me where I was going until Saturday, so I will get to that later. I want to explain the rest of Wednesday because it was awesome:

So later that day Elder Callister and I were walking down the street to go to an appointment when this fragile old man beckoned us from the side of the street. He asked us to help him get up and get back to his house because he didn't really have the energy to do it on his own. So we got on both sides of him and started to walk with him (his arms were around our necks so we took most of his weight). After about 100 feet, his right leg gave out, so we sat him down for a second, and then Elder Callister was like "Don't worry, we're Boy Scouts." and we laughed and picked the guy up and carried him another 200 meters up a hill all the way his house. Now from the perspective of the woman inside his house, I imagine her walking out of her home to find this man being carried up the hill to her by two nicely dressed, dripping-wet sweaty white dudes. I have no idea what was going through her head, but I do know that she thanked us for our kindness... and now we are teaching her and her daughter. So you could say it was a miracle.

Okay back to transfer calls. They called on Saturday morning and told me that I will be going to Boulevard (in Kingston) and I will be training. Yeah, I am just as shocked and confused and surprised as you are. Shocked and surprised because typically when you’re training, you stay with that missionary for around three months.  Elders Graham and Callister have only been together for six weeks.

Sunday was great. I had a bit of a rough time getting through my talk. It will be my last in Junction for a while. I'm going to miss this place and these people. We took some pictures and signed some journals and the works. I am sad to leave Junction, but the work goes on!

We are having a big FHE at Sister Gayle's house tonight. I think it will be one last hoorah before I am outta here early Wednesday morning.

Lots of changes right before the end. Crazy huh? Three months will go by in about 46 minutes so it seems.

Love you guys!

Elder Graham

The Junction Branch... not everyone, but some of them

Sister Hudson's a baller

Elder Callister and I

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