Monday, November 7, 2016

Week #91 - Teaching the Wrong Guy

Hey Family!

This week was another one full of miracles and tender mercies.

We met a lady on the street about a week ago and invited her to church and SHE CAME and even bore testimony during fast and testimony meeting - it was awesome. And then to make it better, she invited us over for dinner and we taught her the Restoration with Omar. Omar said that she is basically already a member so that was awesome. She lives in the same complex as us too so we pass her all the time and say hi and stuff.

Alright here is a story... So we met a guy a few days ago named Kenny. He said we could come by on a Sunday so we called him and asked if it would be alright for us to come and talk to him and he said sure so we walked over to his yard. There are probably four or five houses on this little lane and we didn't know exactly which one it was, so we were just walking down the street yelling Kenny's name. Finally we heard someone respond, he came out from the bushes (he was farming, it wasn't as creepy as it sounds) and just said hi to us. But his hair was super short compared to when we first met him. He just looked a little different, but he invited us into his house and I said a prayer to start the lesson. After the prayer he looked at me and said, “I thought I should say that my name is Reginald, not Kenny.” Uhhhhhh what??  Then where the heck is Kenny? Who are you and why did you just let us into your house and start teaching you? What is going on?? He told us that Kenny was his brother. Okay so that explains why you look similar but different, but that didn't answer any of our other questions?? Ah man we were so confused, but we taught him the Restoration anyway and he accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and everything. So the second we were done, we ran around looking for Kenny because he was probably wondering where we were. Turns out we couldn't find Kenny but we accidentally taught his brother, Reginald. So there’s the story for the day.

This week was awesome. I love doing these baptismal challenges with the Book of Mormon when contacting. We see miracles pretty much every day. More stories to come later!

Love you guys!

Elder Graham

We took a "family photo" at the Halloween party. From left to right: Elder Callister (son, because Cody is training), myself, Elder Christensen (son, because Cody trained) and Elder Epps (grandson, because Elder Christensen is training)

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