Monday, November 21, 2016

Week #93 - Ch-ch-changes

Hey Family!

This week was full of changes. 

Monday night a few members of the Junction Branch held one last little FHE (Family Home Evening) for me and it was awesome. I am going to miss those guys!

Kingston is SO much different than Junction. I had to catch a bus at 4:45 am Wednesday morning... It turned out that the bus wasn't actually supposed to come until 5:55am so we got up at 3am due to some miscommunications. It was all good tho. I received Elder Morris from Ohio (his family lives in Gilbert, AZ though) and we got into to our area and just did some exploring. 

On Thursday night we were walking around street contacting and we ran into this lady who told us she knew a member who lives nearby and offered to show us where he was. So we met Bro Lim and got to know him a bit, then we left and about 5 minutes later, the SAME THING HAPPENED AGAIN. This guy came to us and said, "You looking for the Edwards?" We were like "No, but now we are. Who are they??" He explained that they are members of our church and missionaries always go there, so he just brought us to them. Turns out one of the members of the family is not a member of the church and just happens to be in the process of being taught by the missionaries which are now... us. So tender mercies have been all over the place for us, making things a bit easier because whitewashing is HARD! It is so cool though. We are beginning to pick up on main roads and neighborhoods and stuff.

Church was great. We had three investigators come and two of them will hopefully be baptized in December!

Love you guys. Have a great week!

Elder Graham

Red Hills

The Boulevard house that is actually in the Red Hills

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