Monday, January 9, 2017

Week #100 - Making Friends... Not Kobe or Lebron

Hey Fam!

I'll keep this quick.

Today has been so weird. It is clear blue skies except for in the mountains a little ways away but it is soooo windy today so we are catching mist off the rain from the mountains and it feels sooooo nice!!

Tricia is getting fed up with her mother and it is kind of a good thing because I think soon she will want to get baptized. She just can't seem to get to church so that is the struggle. It is always either money or my parents are coming... again. No biggy tho, she will get it!

In other news. Elder Morris and I met these kids that play basketball each Friday and they always call us to go play with them. This is crazy because NO ONE in Jamaica plays basketball. They are not Kobe or Lebron but it is better than nothing!! So we have made a lot of friends that way which is a dream come true for us!

Love you guys and PS: See you on the 7th! Cue jumping and screaming for joy… Just got Elder Graham’s flight information – he comes home Tuesday, February 7 at 6:55pm.  He’ll talk about his mission experience on Sunday, February 12 at 9am at the Beacon Hill LDS Church in Beaverton – all are welcome!!!

Elder Graham

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