Monday, January 16, 2017

Week #101 - Play Till You Lose... or Blister

Hey Family!

We found some awesome people this week who seem so ready for the gospel. Like perfect point in their lives, perfect timing, everything so we are stoked for that!

So on Saturday Elder Morris and I were heading past this basketball court where these guys were playing. They actually looked like they were pretty good so we watched them for a minute or two and then one of them asked us if we wanted to play... so we did. They were playing "play until you lose" and we won five games in a row with these two other guys there. It was so much fun but by the end my feet were killing me. When I got home I looked at the bottoms of my feet and... (see picture below)

Gotta go - love you!

Elder Graham

"Missionaries, you wanna get a quick ball game in?"
Five games later... 

Best laundry detergent out there

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