Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week #99 - Miracles According to Our Faith

Hey Family!

This week was awesome! Happy New Year by the way!

Our mission does this thing where basically we challenge people to baptism in the first contact. We had set a goal to challenge 70 people this past week. We did good at the start of the week, staying on course, but toward the middle, we had a couple days where we did not meet our goal. This put us quite a bit behind (as usual). So Saturday night in our planning for Sunday, we prayed that we might reach our goal of 70 challenges for the week. In order to make that happen, we would have to challenge 24 people in one day. We were nervous, but confident in putting our trust in the Lord. So Sunday after church we were invited to dinner by a couple in our area, an area that we had not been to ever before. We had about an hour before dinner, so we locked our bicycles and began finding. In an hour, we had challenged 18 people, and after dinner we were so confident that we would challenge 6 more that it was no problem. To make it better, people started coming up to us as we were going throughout the different streets. I remember one guy in particular called us over and told us that he had recently visited the San Diego Temple Visitor Center and showed us a bunch of pictures he took on his phone. So the Lord was giving us miracles according to our faith just like it says in Moroni 7:37.

We are working hard out here and the Lord is blessing us a lot. 

Have a great new year!


Elder Graham

Missionaries have no fun whatsoever.

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