Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Annnnnnd He's Out!

Cody left for Jamaica today!  We got a call from him this morning at the Atlanta Airport saying he was doing great and excited to get to work.  I asked him to sum up his MTC experience and he said it was awesome primarily because of how close his district was. The four sister missionaries from their district are on their way to the visitor center at the Washington DC Temple. Cody, his two companions, two more elders - Stever from  Battleground, WA and Palmer from Moses Lake, WA, and two more sisters that Cody met today are all off to Jamaica!

Because of the long layover in Atlanta, we thought we might get to chat for a while and maybe add the family in Rexburg and Turlock into the mix. Unfortunately, the 3 hour calling card Cody bought went to waste because Atlanta is in the process of changing out all their pay phones! Lucky for us, he and his two companions, Elder Evans & Elder Ostrowski didn't give up and when they approached a customer service desk, the rep handed her cell phone over so they could all call home! Bless that girl... It was a quick seven minutes, but an amazing morning where it confirmed one more time that he's in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.  

One more hour to go!!

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