Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bon Voyage

It's Finally Here!

Today is that day we've always talked about, Cody's been preparing for and pacing the house for; today marks the beginning of his mission!

We would leave for the airport at 3:45am, so after a quick pancake breakfast we headed for PDX.

When we arrived we met up with the Stever family, whose son is also serving in Jamaica.

It didn't take more than 15 minutes for Cody to be ready to hit the road - made that final goodbye so much easier, knowing how anxious he was to get started.  Of course our family being the crazy sentimental fools they are, we had already had SEVERAL goodbye sessions, so believe me when I say Cody was finished with the gooey stuff and ready to get to work!

My awesome sister, Leanne picked him up from the Salt Lake City airport and took him to breakfast at Kneaders - death by cinnamon roll, what a way to go!

Finally it was time for the drop off at the MTC - the elders there were super cool and welcoming, and even let Cody and Leanne get one final picture before he left.

This is it!  Can't wait to hear of further adventures - we're so proud of this awesome young man.  He's gonna rock it!!

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