Friday, February 20, 2015

Week #2 - My District Tho

Hey Fam!

Ten days is so crazy. This week FLEW by, mostly because we have stayed really busy and I have learned a ton!! I can't say I absolutely love the MTC but I do like it, and my district/zone is soooo cool and that makes things really easy. 

Our parents love us way too much so they give us candy and food...
I got all your packages and mail and holy mother who carries chickens we have a ton of food... well mostly cookies and candy but it still counts as nutrients for us hahaha. 
We walked around the Provo Temple on Sunday and got in this morning and do a session. That will probably be my last time in a temple for a long time because there are none in my mission. 
Back of the Provo Temple
The District
Back: Elders Evans, Graham & Ostrowski
Front: Sisters Buhler, McArthur, Wilson & Williams
Trio of a Lifetime!
Elders Evans, Ostrowski & Graham

We got a new crop of elders and sisters on Wednesday. It's not even real to me that WE are the MTC veterans already. The new district is pretty cool but you can tell they are just as nervous and confused as we were last Wednesday. We're breaking them in nice and easy though with lots of jokes and stuff. 

The sisters got a hold of my camera... cool.
Sisters Wilson, Buhler, McArthur & Williams

Today, one of them asked Sister Williams and I if we were cousins and we both looked at each other for a second and then at the same time turned back to the new sister and said "...yep." after we went into our separate rooms, my whole district starting laughing sooo hard and it was incredible. You should have been there. So now we need to focus on keeping our story straight, we decided our moms are sisters, hers is older (you're welcome mom ;)) and ya so we will see how that goes.

But anyway, my companions and I have taught 6 or 7 lessons already and even though they are usually our teachers that portray people they taught on their missions, the lessons feel so real and they are really cool. I learned that I don't have much of a problem talking with people about the gospel so that is going to be helpful in the future.

So that's about it for this week. Not too much happened besides a whole lot more learning and teaching.

Next time I email I will be in Jamaica!!!

Elder Graham

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  1. Rex and Loma are excited you chose to serve the Lord for 2 years, Enjoy the journey 🌍