Monday, August 31, 2015

Week #29 - I'll Take Mine to Go With a Side of Humility

Hey family!

This week was alright.  Almost everything all week long just fell through... Not sure if this is just a big test of patience and faith or what but it has been pretty hard not to think that I'm not doing something right or whatever. Cody’s Dad gave him a bit of a pep talk here:  What does the verse say... Not until after the trial of our faith will we be blessed, or something to that effect. All you can do is keep at it, things will turn around. Now you know what a lot of Elders have felt like serving in our ward!  Ether 12:6 haha yep definitely been reading through that one. And Mosiah 2:41 has been inspirational for some of our investigators. Basically just says consider the happy state of those who keep the commandments. Book of Mormon is awesome.

We have just been having very little success with people, and when we do, something just comes up and halts their progression again... Missionary work is hard haha but I'm hanging in there. I'm just gonna keep working my butt off and hope that something good gets going soon. I hope this coming week we have a little more success but we'll see! I'm learning a lot though.

We are doing a LOT of street contacting which is always fun because of all the different kinds of people we get to talk to. It's always interesting and slightly awkward but missionaries thrive on awkward situations so it's no biggy.

I'm doing really good though. I still love it out here more and more every day and time is just ticking away. Pretty soon it'll be Christmas already haha.  Sorry it's so short but I gotta head out!


Elder Graham

The kids of one of our investigators. Meet Brooklyn and "Lebron James." Not sure what his real name is.  Everyone calls him Lebron James though so we will go with that.

Playing hoops with the boys
From left – Elders Lambert, Palmer, Jackson, Dean, 
Kemp, Senior, Havili, Graham and Biddulph.  
Makes me miss the days of the Dirty Birds!

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