Monday, February 8, 2016

Week #52 - One Down, One to Go!

Hey Family:

So one year down huh? That is weird.  Very sentimental, our boy… but he’s been gone a year on February 11 – grateful to say we can’t believe how fast the time has flown!

This week was good. Got to go on a trade off with Elder McGregor. He is awesome. The man understands missionary work so that's nice. Since he just came from being the branch president in Yallahs, we had a lot to talk about. He told me that like five people I started teaching when I was there got baptized after I left which was way cool to hear!

Church was great. Craig and CJ came again so that's awesome. We had to push their date back to the 28th but that one seems more reasonable so they can learn everything in time.

Westmoreland election posters… JLP vs PNP
Our elections would be so much more entertaining
with politician peace signs along the roads and the 
threat of death if you don’t keep the people happy, eh?
Elections are coming up here so we got some pictures of the posters... great stuff haha I about died. Politics are as crazy as gangs though. It is a dangerous position to try to be in haha.

As far as P-Day fun goes, we're playing games at the church. I know right? Party, party, party. The sisters in Cody’s district told him it was his job to plan a fun activity for all of them – way to go sisters, keep Elder Graham on his toes! I am perfectly ok with just chilling out for the day and getting to just cool down before we go full speed again for another six days! And the calling doesn't matter, that's just more work for me. Yay... Kidding - it's fun, but I wasn't really expecting it again haha. I gave him a hard time for not telling me he was called as District Leader again…

That's it for this week…

Love and miss ya’ll!

Elder Graham

Not sure if I ever sent a picture of the Sav house.
It looks big but we only have a part of the bottom story.

Another Sav sunset

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