Monday, February 15, 2016

Week #53 - Just Another Day in Paradise

Hey Family!

Photo cred to Elder Davis' mom who posted this gem on our
Jamaica Kingston Mission FB Group of Cody enjoying
jerk chicken with Brother Henry in Negril.
This week was pretty interesting. I went on a couple trade-offs to some different areas.  I spent the day on Tuesday with Elder Davis in Negril. He is from Vegas but originally from Driggs, Idaho. Funny kid!

Negril freaks me out. SOOOOOOO many white tourists. I've never been so uncomfortable in my life. That might sound weird and a little racist… sue me.

On Thursday Elder Sandmaier and I took a trip to Montego Bay and spent the day there with the zone leaders, Elder Lambert and Hall. Thursday was one of those memorable "it-rained-so-much-and-we-were-so-wet-that-it-no-longer-mattered" days. We spent the whole lunch hour sitting in front of fans. Since it was a trade-off, I didn't have any extra clothes I could change into so I had to roll around Mo Bay damp all day. Like I said, memorable. The day was really good though. We talked to a ton of people and taught a few of their investigators.

We are starting to find a few cool new people, but they all work full time so it is pretty hard to see them all consistently. Pray for us!

Anyway, that's about it for this week. Today should just be a relaxer/cleaning day.


Elder Graham

View from the Negril House

Just another day in Paradise!

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