Monday, February 22, 2016

Week #54 - Wop Bop a Loo Bop a Wop Bam Boom!

Hey Family!

This week went by scary fast.

We got to teach seminary Thursday night. There were four kids in the class and it was sweet! We went over 1 Samuel 1-2 all about Hannah's adversities and how she overcame them and all that good stuff.  Shout out to Brother McNeil, Cody’s seminary teacher extraordinaire…

Friday we went to zone conference in Mo Bay. That was fun - I always like going to Mo Bay. They have a dang good frozen yogurt place called Tutti Frutti and it's all futuristic and weird and reminds me of downtown Portland a little bit.

President and Sister Brown came to church and spoke in Sacrament meeting. Craig and CJ were there and Craig loved that talk. Plus President Brown came and talked with Craig after which was awesome! Oh by the way, Craig and CJ should be getting baptized this Sunday coming. His wife is being taught by missionaries in Brooklyn too so it's all great.

Elder Riding had a fever and chills and aches and stuff so after Sacrament meeting I went back to the house with him and rested up. Sitting inside was boring and Elder Riding was a bit flustered with his sickness. He kept turning the fan on him and then within like 10 seconds he would turn it away, and then back on and then away. But the fever finally broke later in the day so hopefully he gets better. He is doing a bit better today so that's good.

This week will be crazy. We have been told not to go out on Thursday due to it being Election Day so I will update you on how that all goes!

I appreciate all the prayers that come my way. Just know that they are answered!


Elder Graham

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