Monday, March 7, 2016

Week #56 - A Blast From the Yallahs Past

Hey Family!

This week was really good. We are seeing little miracles here.

I went on a trade-off with Elder Porter on Wednesday. We just stayed in Sav this time. He is a BOSS. We found a ton of people and I was hoping to be able to teach some people with him but unfortunately didn't get the chance. However, we talked to some guys that we went back a few days later and taught and they are sweet!! 

We are beginning to teach a lot more young men which is exactly what the church needs here. So I'm excited to keep working with these people. One kid does parkour like professionally and comes to Friday Night Activity with his parkour friends and they always are flipping and stuff. They provide some good entertainment!

We got transfer calls Saturday morning. Elder Sandmaier is going to Junction and I will be staying here in Sav and receiving Elder Kuehn! I'm excited for that - it should be a blast! I lived in the same house as him back in Yallahs. I also found out that Elder Christensen is going to be with Elder Fowkes! My son (Cody trained Elder Christensen)and my father (Elder Fowkes trained Cody) will be tearing it up in Boulevard!

The week was good. We got a lot of work done and there is a lot more happening in the area now. We will see how this next week goes!


Elder Graham

Elder Graham and Elder Sandmaier
This might be my first real picture with Sandmaier... my bad!

Elder Graham vertically challenged
He's tall.

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