Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Week #55 - Election Pancakes and French Stroganoff

Hey Family!

This week was great.

I went on a trade off with Elder Riding on Wednesday. We got to teach seminary that evening (1 Samuel 4-8) which was sweet. There's like six or seven kids who come, and they all take notes and stuff. It's pretty cool.

Pancakes, whipped cream and root beer...
Breakfast of Champions
Thursday was General Elections. We did our weekly planning today and just chilled. Read some scriptures, updated area book, I started a second journal because I finished the first one. We made a bunch of awesome meals though. Breakfast was thin pancakes with whipped cream. Lunch was beef stroganoff - yeah I know it's spelled wrong... darn French (sorry, had to leave that sentiment in even though I corrected his spelling and will make the tiny correction that stroganoff came from the darn Russians). Dinner was curry chicken. Good day, but staying inside all day is awful.

On Saturday, Elder Lambert came to Sav with me for the day and we found a BUNCH of people to teach. Hopefully we get to see those people throughout this next week.

Sadly, Craig  and CJ didn't get baptized on Sunday; we didn't teach them everything quite yet because we couldn't see them as much as we wanted to so we will try again for March 13th and go from there! Pray for that family - they are great! After church, we were actually at Craig's house and we got a call from the zone leaders telling us that there was a miscount in the votes for the general election which actually switched the winning party. Apparently that was causing a whole heap of chaos so they told us to go home for the rest of the evening. Kind of frustrating but that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes. 

Anyway, this week should be pretty regular. Transfer calls will be on Saturday so I will keep you posted on that next time.


Elder Graham

Thanks to Elder Davis' mom who shared these
pics of the Election Day Homestay Party!

Junk food and scriptures...
Are we sure they were only stuck inside for a day??

Here is the dog that roams around our property.
Her four puppies fight each other and make a bunch of noise outside.

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