Monday, March 21, 2016

Week #58 - FBI and the Grahams

Hey Family!

This week was great. We are putting in work here in Sav.  Elder Kuehn is from Layton, UT - first comp from Utah haha weird right? We get along great mostly because we lived together in Yallahs - he is awesome.

We met a guy named who hasn't been to church for a long while, but used to go teaching with missionaries all the time and he is now in the process of getting contact information for a bunch of people who used to be taught in the past.  Also, someone sent a referral to us from the states and now we are in contact with the guy who sent the referral to see if we can find the dude so that is pretty exciting. It makes me feel a little more FBI-like. The referral is also a Graham so I am even more interested in finding him. Wish us luck!

Pictures will come next week of a coconut smoothie that our friend told us to make. He said it is the healthiest breakfast we will ever have.- I'll get ingredients to you if you want.

Take care!


Elder Graham

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