Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week #59 - Reggae, Sorrel and the Porch Puppies

What up Family!

This week went really well.

Donald aka Ray Z
We found a guy who turned out to be a member of the church. His name is Donald. He is a reggae singer who is trying to get his stuff going. His artist name is Ray Z (look for a song on iTunes in the next couple weeks called "One Night" to support him!). He is a beast and he wants us to teach his wife and kids!

We went back up to the Williams' house again (the family with all the fruit trees) and just talked with Brother Williams. He showed us some sorrel that wasn't supposed to grow because it was in sand, but it miraculously grew anyway. He gave us some coconuts and some tangerines and sent us on our merry way.

We have been teaching this one dude who is WAY sick. He knows a lot about everything which is cool. He fed us a healthy dinner with baked chicken with natural seasonings and a healthy salad with tomatoes and pineapple and also a super good potato salad. It was DANG good.

So that dog who had all the puppies a couple months ago? They are getting into our porch and trying to claim it as their home. After multiple attempts to keep them out, we have almost given up with them, and they are adorable sometimes so it's hard to enforce anything on them (kinda like Elder Graham was as a pup).

The Poopies...
This week will be full of meetings and will be topped off with General Conference! And that's about it - have a great week!


Elder Graham

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