Monday, April 11, 2016

Week #61 - Blown Away by the Spirit

Hey Family!

This week was a normal one…

On Wednesday I took a trip to Negril to interview a 9 year old girl for baptism. She is a GENIUS. Way smarter than I was when I was 9. So that was great. Negril still freaks me out because many of the tourists are really hostile for some reason. But when we got home from Negril, I looked in my backpack to find... the baptismal record that I was supposed to give the missionaries... Nice one Elder Graham. They needed a baptismal suit for her as well so we took another trip up on Friday to drop that stuff off.

On Sunday we only had Sacrament Meeting because the church's water tanks have mysteriously been empty for the past few days so the building doesn't have water. So they cancelled second and third hours of church. Cool (funny, just a few years ago Elder Graham would have been just fine with any parts of church being cancelled – hmmmm).

We have been showing a ton of people Elder Holland’s conference talk, “Tomorrow the Lord Will Do Wonders Among You” and they are getting BLOWN AWAY by the spirit - it is freaking awesome!  Hope your week was exciting. That's about it for me. Sorry no pictures. I try to think of stuff to take pictures of but you have seen it all already haha.


Elder Graham

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