Monday, April 18, 2016

Week #62 - April Showers Ain't for Sissies

Hey Family!

This week went by quick as always. 

We got transfer calls Friday night this time. I am being transferred tomorrow to Junction to serve with Elder Hansen. Elder Kuehn is going to Spanish Town, Elder Riding to Linstead and Elder Simpson will stay in Sav. Yes, my area is getting white washed so someone can train here.

Sav Showers
The crazy stuff that happened was all on the weekend. On Saturday we took a trip out to a place called Belmont to deliver a special Book of Mormon with a note to the mother of a missionary serving from Sav. After we got back, we got a call from Tony (an investigator/boyfriend of a member) asking if we could come help him move a pile of stone and sand bout 100-150 feet over to the side of his house. We did as much as we could until rain started to fall and wet the sand. They fed us some awesome fry fish. While we were eating, the rainfall turned into a dang cyclone almost. It was coming down harder than I have ever seen and it would NOT let up. Finally we decided to just take the 10 minute walk home through the crazy storm. I kid you not, we were walking through rivers that flooded the streets while taking a bath in rainfall. We had to just call the day at that point. Everyone cancelled on us and the rain would not let up so we were kind of stuck in the house.

Sunday was full of signing journal writing, goodbyes, pictures and the works. Sister Lynn had her hair braided like a Jamaican for her departure home in a few days and they needed to "boil" her hair (apparently that helps straighten it back out from being in a bun??) but didn't have a big enough pot, so they just had us boil them some water and sat outside and proceeded to literally pour boiling water strategically throughout her hair. So that happened.

Anywho, I'll email next week from Junction. 

Love you!

Elder Graham

Sav Missionaries: Sisters Lynn, Wright and Smith
Elders Kuehn, Graham, Riding, and Simpson

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