Monday, April 25, 2016

Week #63 - Casting Out Ganja

Hey Family!

So I got to Junction Tuesday morning and wow, Junction's hills are death. Our house sits on a hill that is almost 5 km straight down to the people we are teaching... and 5 km all the way back up. I finally realized how out of shape I was here. The red dirt is SLIPPERY WHEN WET too, so yes, all the rain is making the little bushy trails that we go through real slick. Lots of fishtailing going on. Also lots of waiting around for the rain to settle down after lessons and stuff.

However, this place is BEAUTIFUL. It reminds me a lot of Yallahs in some ways, but yeah, it is one of the prettiest places I have seen on the island.

So story time: On Friday, we had a lesson with this guy and he told us he wants to quit smoking ganja before he gets baptized (obviously). So we started asking him if he had any plants or any on him and he said no. But the NEXT day we came back and saw a little hemp plant right in his yard. I called over to him and said "YO what the heck is this??" Without hesitation he came right out, plucked the plant right up out of the dirt and said, "I hope God doesn't charge (punish) me for this one." And then he proceeded to cast the plant into the sky as hard as he could. It was magical. Elder Hansen and I were dying inside but we had to keep our composure until we got far enough away after the lesson, then we stopped and let out all our laughs.

Church was great. We had a family of five show up but they came at the end of Sacrament meeting!!!!!!!! They are working on getting married which is awesome. Collin and Carrie-Anne are way sweet.

So yeah that was my week - another good one in the books. By the way Mother's Day is coming up quick - I'm excited to chat!

Love you all!

Elder Graham 

We found a marl quarry (you don’t know what the heck marl is either?  It is an unconsolidated sedimentary rock or soil consisting of clay and lime, formerly used typically as fertilizer).

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