Monday, April 4, 2016

Week #60 - You Get Credit for Trying

Yo Family!

Well, I called it - the week flew by like lightning.

We went up to Mo Bay for zone meeting on Wednesday. After that we had to make a traditional stop at Tutti Fruiti and snag some froze yogurt. That place is insane - super high tech. Their cash registers are like iPads connected to a machine. Everything is white and chrome inside haha it's nuts. Definitely not like the usual Jamaican stores!

We were all over the place tracking down a referral we got from a guy in the states. Since there aren't many street signs or house numbers here, it was tough, but we found him! He is pretty cool!  Elder Kuehn and I also had consecutively weird encounters with different girls around neighborhoods for three or four days in a row. Super uncomfortable but whatever.

General conference was awesome as it always is. We had a guy bring his girlfriend (and himself) for the first time. They came to the priesthood session right in time for President Uchtdorf's talk on saving marriages and stuff haha PERFECT. But a random rain storm screwed up the internet so we missed President Monson's address for the Priesthood Session. Jerome said he appreciated what they said though. Literally EVERY general conference broadcast here gets messed up by random crazy rain storms. Elder Holland’s address that wrapped up conference was absolutely amazing. Big up to everyone who is trying their best to follow Christ. YOU GET CREDIT FOR TRYING!!!

Anyway, today should be relaxing, and this week should be relatively back to normal.


Elder Graham

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