Monday, May 9, 2016

Week #65 - Spelunking for... Rubbish

Hey Family,

The cave ft. Elder Hansen
Skyping was awesome yesterday! Lots of laughs as usual. We are funny. 

This week was busy as always. We actually went on a couple little adventures on Monday: We found a cave and had biked past it a few times, so we decided to get in there and see if it went anywhere. Well, it didn't and it was full of garbage which blew, but still a fun likkle excursion nonetheless.

Close shot of the cave ft. heaps of rubbish
Collin and Kerry-Ann's family are doing great still. Things are moving forward with the wedding. The marriage notice is posted and plans are being made so it's getting exciting! As of now, they are getting married on the 28th and baptized on the 4th of June so that should be awesome. Keep praying for everything to keep working out like it is though!!

On Wednesday we were about to ride up a huge hill. Let's just say we were not physically prepared to take it on at the time. An then a miracle happened. A big semi truck passed by at a reasonable speed and it just so happened to have two large handles on both sides of the back. So we did what any person with sense would do. We sped up and caught the handles and were towed up this large hill. It was glorious. Nothing less than a gift from the windows of Heaven. We could see in the side view mirrors the guys in the truck laughing pretty hard so that was great. We made their day, and they made ours. SERVICE. I'm sure it's not every day that two white bicyclists have the audacity to grab onto your supply truck and use you to get up hills.

But yeah, church was great. I got to give an impromptu talk about the greatness of mothers and how they help us with gospel stuff. This makes it two for two now on speaking on Mother's Day on the mission so that is awesome. 

That's it for this week!


Elder Graham

Big gnarly banana spider we found near the cave

Some of the bush trails we take every day

Washing shirts in the tub because there was no room in the apartment's laundry room

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