Monday, May 23, 2016

Week #67 - Branch Presidents and Punk Rock Diva Goats

Hey Family!

This week was pretty normal up until the weekend. 

We have been spending a lot of time at the bottom, bottom, bottom of the hill further than we usually go and have found some super cool people to teach. A young guy with a small family, a super humble rasta man and a couple others. Things are going well with them so far so pray for them to find the means to get up the hill to church on Sunday!!

We had a Labor Day clean-up project yesterday which was alright. There were a few people who showed up and cleaned the heck out of the place. Oh by the way, because of Labor Day (Memorial Weekend for us, Labor Day for Jamaica), everything was closed so P Day was moved to today.

Collin and Kerry-Ann are making final preparations for the wedding on Saturday so that will be super great. We're in the process of teaching them how to do Family Home Evenings right now.

Elder Hansen, Elder Graham, Omar
So on Saturday we were finishing up a lesson and I got a call from President Brown telling me that our branch president was being released Sunday and asked if I would be willing to accept an assignment to serve as the branch president here in Junction starting the following day. So that was unexpected. I am not even quite sure all the things that I am supposed to do yet. As the district president was talking to me about it, he told me it was going to be a very "on-the-job" learning experience so we will see how this goes. I'm super nervous and feel pretty inadequate but one thing is for sure: the Lord gives us a way to fulfil every single commandment He gives. This falls under that wonderful promise which I will be relying on heavily for this assignment.

(Mom story:  The day before we got this email from Cody I received a Facebook message from Omar, one of the great members in Junction. “Mrs. Graham, I have good news, touching ones.” “Hi Omar! What’s your good news?” “Your son is now our branch president.  Am soooo overwhelming with joy.”  What amazing news to receive from a person of incredible faith – to trust our little 19 year old punk kid to lead their branch is so humbling.  We sure love the people in Jamaica for loving our boy…)

So pray for the Junction Branch alright? Much appreciated.

Love you all. Have an awesome week!

Elder Graham

Punk rock diva goat
We found these fallen down trees that are super lightweight...
So we played with them

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