Monday, May 16, 2016

Week #66 - We're Doing This Because We Love You

Hey Family!

This week was great.

We had a few people out of town all week so it put a little damper on the week. Also, we got caught in heavy rain a few times. It was usually hard enough that we had to just wait it out for 20-30 minutes until it let up a bit. 

The Samuda family is doing great still. Romario has been showing us his drumming skills and beat boxing. The dude is an 8-year-old beat genius. Plans are being made for people from the branch to bring some food and other small details but the most important part is that IT'S HAPPENING so that is super awesome and Elder Hansen and I are stoked out of our minds.

They are kind of the highlight of the week. Other than that, there are a few other people that are having trouble exercising discipline with commandments. It is difficult to change from having no sense of commitment to anything, to every sense of commitment to the most important things. These things take time, so we are going to take more of a "WE'RE DOING THIS BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU" approach like Alma did to Corianton. So yeah we will see how that goes.

That's about all the interesting stuff for this week. My legs are getting torn (translation: buff) so that is a plus. Until next week!


Elder Graham

The Tates (from Sav) and Elder Keuhn

First successful attempt at rice and peas with a little BBQ chicken medley

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